About Me

My name is Debbie Ellis  and as a therapist my passion is to help others achieve health and well-being for the body, mind & spirit using the continuous wealth of knowledge about the human body. My intention and aim at all times is to respect the fact that the body is a self healing mechanism and to work with that rather than against it. With the medical model in mind, I also like to integrate and utilize nature’s way hence all therapies used support both.

Qualifying initially in Remedial Therapy in 1996, continuous professional development (CPD) has taken me on a journey of in-depth training, interest and expansion in treating and supporting the body as a whole. Studies have included sports therapy, electrotherapy, reiki, spiritual healing, The Perrin Technique (a specific series of treatment protocols for people with M.E. researched and designed by Dr. Raymond Perrin, Salford’s leading osteopath), shamanic studies and Hal Berry’s body management. These experiences have meant travelling far and wide including: Brazil, USA, Ireland and of course England schools of thought.

CranioSacral therapy to an advanced level was achieved with the Upledger institute, dating back from 1999, where education for Visceral Manipulation was followed.  Acupunture & cupping were added as part of my CPD & NLP along with Clinical Hypnotherapy support the multitude of professional, dedicated & continuous confidential support that is offered for your health & well being.

I look forward to meeting and working with you on your journey of health, well-being and self discovery.