Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy (CST)

CST is a comprehensive therapy which can be used effectively for the treatment of many conditions at all ages. It is extremely gentle, non-invasive, and causes no discomfort or disturbance to the client.

Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is one of the three life giving systems in the body the other.  These three life giving systems effect and are affected by one another so therefore it is important that they are working to their optimum. The cerebral spinal fluid bathes, protects and gives nutrients to the brain and spinal cord.

If the body has received any trauma the body holds a lasting impression, leading to dysfunction and symptoms of illness and disease. The work of the therapist is to release that restrictive pattern so that the flow of the body is working at its optimum.

Treatment consists of the practitioner placing his or her hands very gently on the body, identifying the areas of restriction or tension, and following the subtle internal pulls and twists manifested by the craniosacral system until points of resistance are encountered and released, thereby enabling the tissues to return to proper healthy function. The therapist seeks to restore balance to the craniosacral system, hence giving optimum health and well-being.

Treatment is generally soothing, comforting and pleasant, and creates a sense of ease, calmness and well-being. It is a particularly suitable therapy for the treatment of babies and children. Babies can be treated while cradled in the mother’s arms and even better, while asleep. There is no need to disturb the child by undressing them, since the craniosacral patterns can be clearly felt through clothes (or even nappies).

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